Toy American Eskimo

The beautiful, white, and fluffy American Eskimo Dog comes in three sizes and is highly intelligent — sometimes too much so. His cleverness will have you doing his bidding if you aren’t careful. This is a healthy, adaptable, affectionate breed. The downsides: he is a barker, he sheds, and he prefers a home with older children.

Weight: 7-10 lb
Height: 9-12 in
Lifespan: 12-15 yrs
Children: Not Recommended
Sheds: Heavy
Barking: Prone to Barking
Energy: High
Grooming: High
Exercise: High
Training: Easy

The American Eskimo is bright, eager to please, lively and fun-loving — in short, an enjoyable and generally obedient companion.

An American Eskimo will let you know what he wants through glances and barks. A look at the cookie jar, followed by a look at you and a look back at the jar sends a very clear message. Hypnotized by his dark eyes and smiling face, you’ll find yourself mindlessly handing him a treat.


True to its spitz heritage, it is independent and tenacious and loves to run, especially in cold weather. But it is among the most biddable of spitz breeds, and it is calm and well-mannered inside. It is good with children, other dogs, and pets and is generally outgoing to everyone.


The double coat needs brushing and combing twice weekly, more often when shedding.


Prone to hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. Pay close attention to the eyes and tear ducts. Some are allergic to fleas. This breed can gain weight easily if it does not get enough exercise and/or is overfed.


Because of the dog’s high intelligence and its willingness to please, it is easy to train and often ranks among the top scorers in obedience trials.

Some American Eskimos can be “yappy,” barking at every sound they hear. Early and consistent training can help.


The Eskie is built along classic Nordic lines, a form that has proved effective at pulling heavy loads through snow and ice. It is compactly built, slightly longer than tall. The stand-off, double coat resists soaking and provides insulation against the cold. The small thick ears are also cold-resistant. The breed’s smaller size has moved it from the realm of sled dog, but it remains a sled dog in miniature. Its trot is agile and bold. The expression is keen and alert.

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